Message from the President

According to old records about Pressed flower, an Italian biologist of the 16th century pressed flowers as specimen. In Europe, legend has it that the flower can hold the human’s feeling, so it is the custom for European to press the bouquet of the bride and frame to display. The pressed flower has been familiar as an elegant habit. Queen Victoria in UK in the 19th century and ancient Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, also loved pressed flower.

Pressed flowers are loved all over the world and various pictorial expressions are developed. Through the deep communication with Pressed flower artists in the world, Pressed flower became considered as an art little by little. 

At the same time, to promote the culture of Pressed flower as a craft which everyone can enjoy easily, we’ve held some workshops of making Pressed flower postcard, and so on.

We hope Pressed flower will become popular as an art and a culture. We couldn’t be happier if “OSHIBANA” become a common word in the world.


President of the International Pressed Flower Art Society

Nobuo Sugino

History of international exchange of pressed flower art

2004-2022 Competition of Pressed Flower Pictures “Exhibition of Creation”

2019    Tokyo 2020 Official Programme

      International Pressed Flower Art Exhibition in Tokyo

2001    Japan 2001 International Presssed Flower Artwork Competition

1997,1999  International Presssed Flower Picture Competition