The 19th competition is waiting your work!

19th Competition of Pressed Flower Pictures 

“Exhibition of Creation”

Competition of Pressed Flower Pictures “Exhibition of Creation” marks the 19th this year. The number of the past participants comes to the grand total of 17,000 and the number of works submitted in the past is more than 25,000.

Other than Japan, about 2,000 works are submitted from 33 nations and regions overseas, including Australia, Azerbaidzhan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech, France, Germany, Greek, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the U.S. (in alphabetical order).

Applications from overseas accounted for 16.3 percent of the application submitted to the 18th exhibition. “Exhibition of Creation” is growing dramatically as a full-scale, top international level competition.

We are looking forward to your active participation again this year!

Period of accepting for the first selection (by photo)

 November 28th (Mon.) –December 16th(Fri.) 2022

■Please send all correspondence (entry forms, questions, etc.) to:

IPFAS (International Presssed Flower Art Society)

Address:       2-5-10-7F, Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 220-0011 JAPAN



■Qualifications to Apply

Anyone who enjoys pressed flower and wish to become pressed flower artist who agree followings. No limiting number of works for applying by one artist.


■Applying your works

There will be no special theme title. The works need to be original and not presented works in the past. Please don’t use feature any popular character. Each sides of frame needs to be within 40-60cm (The thickness of the pressed flower is less than 1cm)


■Title of e-mail and file

When you send your application form by e-mail, please include your country and your name in the title of e-mail and your application form and conclude with 2022 as follows:


If you enter several works into the competition, please assign a number after 2021 as follows:

YourCountry-YourName -2022-No.1 / YourCountry-YourName -2022-No.2



1st judge:   1st judge by photo of your work and application.

                       Please fill out your name, address, title of your work and size.

                       If you have an e-mail, you can enter from our website ( as soon as directly. You can down-load the application form and send us attached your work photo and form.

2nd judge:  2nd judge by work.

                     We will announce the details when we tell you the result of 1st judging



DATE:           April 2023 (Not yet fixed)

Place:           TOKYO (Not yet fixed)